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How to maintain mahogany furniture

How to maintain mahogany furniture
Mahogany furniture suitable for wet, bogey dry, so mahogany furniture is particularly unsuitable to be exposed to the sun, do not air conditioning to the furniture blowing, spring, autumn, winter three seasons to maintain indoor air is not dry, it is advisable to use a humidifier spray wet, indoor fish, flowers can also adjust indoor air humidity.
Mahogany furniture should be in moderation, store objects in the cupboard, do not exceed the door frame, if often hard squeezing hard plug, will cause the cabinet door deformation. The red plank surface of mahogany furniture is generally brittle, such as desktop, chair face.
Always pay attention to prevent bumps and cracks, if in use or move, found that the focus of the appearance of Tenon, must be re-glued sealed before use. Taiwan mahogany Furniture Panel, in order to protect the paint film is not scratched, but also to show the wood texture, generally placed on the table thick glass plate, and in the glass plate between the wooden countertop with small suction cup pad separated.

It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal Board.
Mahogany furniture is generally used for a long time, so usually should often protect the furniture surface paint, preferably every three months, with a little wax wipe once, not only to increase the beautiful furniture, but also to protect the wood. To keep mahogany furniture clean, daily use of clean gauze wipe dust. It is not appropriate to use chemical brightener, so as to avoid damage to the paint film sticky.
In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture paint film, the walnut can be crushed, peeled, and then with three layers of gauze to oil polishing. Prevent the inversion of solvents such as alcohol and banana water. Otherwise, the furniture surface will be long “scar.”
When you encounter dirt on the surface of furniture, wash with mild soap, dry, and then wax once to restore the original, but do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvent liquid wipe, otherwise will wipe off the surface of the paint and paint luster. The walnut oil used to maintain the furniture is only suitable for furniture that is not painted and processed in waxing mode. The use of frequency should not be too high, in general, 2-3 months to use once, in a relatively dry environment can be appropriate to shorten the maintenance interval, one months or so maintenance. But the usual use must pay attention to the dosage.
Oil has the characteristics of vacuuming, the dosage is too general to let the dust attach, resulting in a greasy feeling. 1. Mahogany Furniture red plank surface is generally brittle, to prevent bumps and cracks, handling or moving, do not drag the dead pull, to lift away from the ground, so as not to damage the tenon and socket structure.
Once it is found that the focus of the appearance of tenon, be sure to re-glue the seal before use.

How to maintain mahogany furniture
  1. Mahogany furniture is different from the general furniture, should be wet, avoid drying, so the placement should avoid the strong direct sunlight and strong air circulation of the vents, winter should not be close to the heating, summer should not be air conditioning straight blowing. 3. It is usually advisable to use semi-dried cotton cloth to wipe the dust accumulated on the surface of the furniture, or 2-3 months waxing once.
    If the top and bottom of the furniture are not painted, waxing or painting should be done to reduce the impact of changes in humidity in the atmosphere on the furniture. 4. Prevent contact with alcohol, banana water and other solvents, otherwise it will leave a “scar” on the surface of mahogany furniture.
    When the furniture surface is stained with dirt, wash with diluted soap, dry and then wax once, in order to restore the original appearance, do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvent liquid wipe, so as not to wipe off the furniture surface of the paint and paint luster.
  2. Mahogany furniture storage should be moderate, store objects in the cupboard, do not exceed the door frame, otherwise hard squeezing hard plug, easy to cause cabinet door deformation.
    Dust removal Sculpture exquisite mahogany furniture generally has a complex and exquisite pattern, most people feel that dust removal is really a big project, but if not regular cleaning and ash will make mahogany furniture quickly “grow old.” In fact, as long as the choice of tools, dust removal can not be so tiring. Dust removal can generally choose a brush such as mane, large trumpet brush can easily remove the dust throughout the mahogany furniture (especially the details of not easy to wipe).
    However, it is important to note that the choice of brush should pay attention to the soft and hard moderate, excellent brush easy to grind the furniture surface, brush the dust strength should not be too large; Of course, the rough rag can be out.
    “Wipe the scale.” After removing the dust from the furniture surface with a brush, the next step is deep cleaning. The general choice of tools is pure cotton fabric material soft cloth, wipe along the texture of the mahogany itself, so as to better remove dirt.
    Also need to note that wipe mahogany furniture when the rag should not be too wet, but also can not use alcohol gasoline and other solvents to wipe, which will damage the mahogany surface of the raw paint.
    Maintenance Mahogany Furniture exquisite at the same time is also more sophisticated, in the daily use also need maintenance. The first step in maintenance is to avoid direct sunlight, and it is not appropriate to put it in a very humid place. Long time sun, wood easy to dull, easy to show cracks and partial fading, and damp places will make wood shrinkage, time is easy to rot, drawers are not easy to pull open. In terms of nourishment, the nourishment of mahogany furniture can not be provided by moisture, that is to say, can not be wiped with a wet rag, but should choose professional furniture to care for essential oils. At the same time, waxing should also be regular, unsuitable for frequent waxing.

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