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What are the collection values of mahogany furniture?

What are the collection values of mahogany furniture? First, each piece of furniture due to the age, origin of different, the value will be a far cry. In the purchase, first to see its artistic style, and then there is the rarity, should be “rich and good, gorgeous and not indiscriminate, dignified and not stay.”
Age is also an important indicator, the earlier the age, the more valuable. Second, the purchase should take into account the individual’s funds and interests.

Generally speaking, people with abundant funds or high interest in mahogany furniture can collect the mahogany boutique of the Qianlong period, or even the whole set of collections; If the financial resources are general, it is recommended to buy practical, world-wide items, such as a chair or a bed. Third, to judge the value of mahogany furniture, but also to see its scientific research value and market awareness.
The value of scientific research refers to the academic value of furniture in the history of furniture, furniture genre and furniture technology, the higher the value of scientific research, the higher the value of collection and investment potential.
Thus, when consumers buy mahogany furniture, should be in accordance with their own economic strength and personal interests, the investment objectives to choose. Collection of mahogany furniture, the 1th is to see its wood material. Collection experts have also firmly said: “The better the wood, the higher the value of the collection.”
“Because it’s tied to the scarcity of mahogany.
With the strengthening of environmental awareness in various countries, as well as the introduction of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Convention), so that these already rare mahogany tree species, more scarce and precious, will inevitably make mahogany prices more expensive. In strict accordance with the current “mahogany National standards”, “Mahogany” category can be divided into five genera eight categories of 33 tree species, of which “five genera” refers to the genus Rosewood, the genus Sandalwood, persimmon, cliff Bean, iron knife wood, and “eight categories” refers to rosewood, pear wood, fragrant wood, black acid branches, red acid branches, ebony, Striped ebony, chicken fin wood.
Still, people prefer Chinese red in the traditional sense when they buy mahogany furniture. Based on the above, Ms. Yang Yan, chairman of Emperor Lin Yuan, also said: “The most important wood used to identify furniture, different wood, the price difference is very large.” As far as Huanghua pear is concerned, there are Hainan Huanghua pear, Vietnamese Huanghua pear. Prices vary depending on yield and quality. Hainan Huanghua Pear is very precious, generally sold in kilograms.
“And that explains why the price of mahogany furniture will range from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan.”
In addition, consumers in the purchase of mahogany furniture must recognize the regular manufacturers, do not covet
“Famous book Qianqiu” Dream of Red mansions theme carving parts
“Famous book Qianqiu” Dream of Red mansions theme carving parts Cheap to buy the Shanzhai factory defective furniture. Because before making furniture, if the wood treatment is not good to the furniture will have a greater impact. Wood in the processing into furniture before the need to put into the drying furnace slowly drying, the time is about 20 days. If you do not go through the furniture made of this process, it will not be long before the phenomenon of cracking, bending, and this phenomenon is not repairable. And this kind of situation, for like the Emperor Lin Yuan production mahogany formal manufacturers, in the processing of wood will be strictly dried wood, in order to suit the local climate humidity, gas dry density, to prevent the emergence of such phenomena.
[5] “A consumer product that is beyond the scope of people’s survival and development needs and has unique, scarce, rare and other characteristics can bring consumers an elegant and exquisite way of life, pay attention to taste and quality, and face the high-end market.”
“This is an internationally accepted definition of luxury goods. Industry insiders believe that luxury showrooms or auctions at the mahogany furniture mainly antique furniture, mostly antiques, and in these occasions it is generally difficult to find a new mahogany figure. Yang Yan believes that mahogany furniture should not be a luxury to distinguish between the old and the new. Old furniture of the year can not be a luxury if it is poor in workmanship. And well-done new mahogany furniture can also be a luxury. As early as a few years ago, Shanghai luxury exhibition appeared on the Red mahogany classical furniture, this trip to Macau to participate in the luxury forum, but also the community on mahogany furniture as a luxury of the re-affirmation.

What are the collection values of mahogany furniture?

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